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Best Practices for Theft Offender Intervention

  1. Address Victim Issues: impact and empathy
  2. Address criminogenic risk factor(s), particularly. attitudes, values, beliefs
  3. Have a cognitive restructuring approach
  4. Encourages restoration to victim/community
  5. Non-judgmental intervention
  6. Non-adversarial interaction
  7. Must have a strong cognitive restructuring focus
  8. Includes a skill building component
  9. Includes an education component
  10. Includes an offender support system
  11. Should be a minimum of 4 hours (3 for juveniles) of session/instruction time
  12. May be an online program but must include above components
  13. Should have a component addressing personal responsibility.
  14. Should hve a component which addresses personal character assessment/introspection.
  15. Should addresses relapse prevention.
  16. It is best practice to demonstrate how all theft (Including businesses, stores, government and insurance companies) lead to a trail with a human victim.
  17. It is a best practice, when working with children/adolescents, to include parents/family in the treatment.
  18. May NOT focus on a "cause" for the theft behavior
  19. May NOT present the offender as a victim or ill. (i.e., angry, ADHD, OCD, alcohol problem)


Those who do not use the Best Practices for Theft Offender Interventions, but do engage in program evaluation are considered "partners". These partners are viewed as experimental researchers. The results of the experimental researchers will be solicited. "Partners" are not granted "Certified Professional" status by the National Center for the Study of Theft Behaviors.


Best Practice National Agencies:

1. THEFT TALK Counseling Service (www.thefttalk.org)

2. THEFT TALK Online Services (www.thefttalk.com)

3. Offender Solutions (www.offendersolutions.com)

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